Increasing costs of Ukraine Conflict

Ukraine is running out of options. As winter approaches – with a cratering economy – the regime in Kiev has hinted it may be looking to end the civil war.



Poroshenko’s palace is a short ride outside central Kyiv in Kozyn, a suburb that, in Soviet times, used to be a proletariat retreat, dotted with tall, slender pine trees and small wooden cabins for workers’ families to enjoy the summer months by the Dnieper River.


Building a house in the village of Kozin already completed, leaving only interior finishing work. The fact that the house is being built specifically for Poroshenko in Kozin‘s no secret. The land on which was formerly recreation “Seagull”, belongs to the sports and recreation complex “Summer 2000″, whose main shareholder is the father of Peter Poroshenko Alex. Yes, and the head of the board of the National Bank and former Secretary of the National Security Council said that construction in Kozin knows his dad. By the way, “The Seagull” belonged to Kiev confectionery factory named Karl Marx, which owns Poroshenko.

The estate is located on the banks of the river Kozin and takes about 1-2 hectares. In the center - a big white house next to it a smaller house and guest cottage, sauna complex, two arbours and colonnade. And build a small church or chapel, as well as a berth for ships.

Over the last year have erected a small church, and bath houses.

The cabins camp site, which used to be on this site was demolished.

According to Poroshenko base, which belonged to the factory Marx, six or seven years ago, was bought by his father, because the highest bidder. And in general, in his opinion, confectionery should conduct their profdeyatelnosti rather than build a dispensary.By the count of those keeping score, Poroshenko is Ukraine’s seventh richest man today, worth an estimated $1.3 billion,he owns UkPromInvest, a mysterious holding company that has no website but boasts interests in bus manufacturing, car distribution, shipyards, banking and electrical cables, among other things. He is most famous for owning the confectionary firm Roshen, which has factories in both Ukraine and Russia and produces all manner of flashy gold-wrapped chocolate wafers, bars and candies. Perhaps even more relevantly in these troubled times, Poroshenko is also the owner of Channel 5, known as the country’s main opposition television station and a leader of the revolution that toppled President Viktor Yanukovych this winter.

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